The Shelf Cooking™ 101 Cookbook is HERE!!!!


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Shelf Cooking101

Meet your new best friend.

After 3.5 years of blood, sweat, tears, setbacks, and victories…the long-awaiting Shelf Cooking™ 101 cookbook is FINALLY here! Grab your apron and toss that towel over your shoulder, because this book will change the way you approach cooking forever.

What is the Shelf Cooking™ 101 Cookbook?

The truth? Shelf Cooking™ 101 isn’t a cookbook. Well, not in the traditional sense, that is. It’s so much more! Shelf Cooking 101 includes nearly 400 pages of everything you’d ever need to conquer the kitchen, plus things never before seen in a cookbook. You’ll enjoy:

  • Clever food storage solutions
  • How to inventory your fridge, freezer, and pantry
  • Meal planning 101
  • Specific solutions to common dinner dilemmas (including picky eaters, a house full of teens, and more!)
  • How to budget for groceries and meals, even with special dietary restrictions
  • Grocery shopping tips, tricks, and hacks
  • Kitchen and pantry organization guides
  • List of kitchen and pantry essential and must-haves
  • How to make almost any fruit and vegetable last longer, and how to know when they are ripe
  • How to properly store food
  • Mind-blowing food hacks
  • Conversion charts of every kind
  • Dozens of pages of substitutions for just about anything you’d ever need to cook with
  • How to freeze and thaw…well…anything!
  • How to reheat and reinvent leftovers to make them taste better than ever


  • Dozens of never before done “choose your own adventure” recipes: build incredible recipes, from scratch, following a path of ingredients YOU prefer, or have on-hand!
  • Our “naked” section - dozens of recipes you can make with a simple, plain protein of choice + a few ingredients of your choosing!
  • Plus over 100 pages of Jordan’s favorite, fail-proof family recipes


Can you even handle the excitement??


This is a limited “pre-order”. Which means, while our books are currently in production (so exciting!), they won’t be in our warehouse and ready to ship to you for another 6-10 weeks or so. Pre-order supply is not guaranteed. We have a limited number of books available for pre-order; when they’re gone, they’re gone. We recommend expecting the books to ship anywhere from the end of December 2022, to January 2023, pending unexpected delays. Yes, this could mean they would arrive after Christmas depending upon weather and other shipping constraints that are out of our control. Payment is debited when pre-order is placed. You will receive an order confirmation email when you complete your purchase. Then, about 6-10 weeks from now when the books arrive in our warehouse, you will get another email notifying you that your order has shipped to you. Orders typically take up to 7-10 days to be delivered to you from that point. Orders cannot be changed or canceled once shipment confirmation has been sent.

We hope you enjoy this labor of love from Jordan and the Page Co team, to you! It’s bound to not only be your new favorite cookbook, but a kitchen staple that you and your family simply can’t live without!

About Jordan & Shelf Cooking™

After going through tough financial times, Jordan Page got out of debt in record time. Now a popular blogger, YouTuber, and public speaker, she teaches others to do the same. Jordan proves you can live a millionaire lifestyle BECAUSE of a conservative budget. Her principles have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who turn to her for money management, organization, and productivity advice. Jordan has appeared on Rachael Ray, the Today Show, Inside Edition, TLC, US News, and more. She is the mother of 8 kids, a Utah transplant, and a kitchen dancing enthusiast.


Shelf Cooking™ is bringing back family dinnertime and saving families TONS of time and money! It sounds like a dream, huh?! While we share tons of recipes there, it's so much more than a food blog. We teach readers how to use the food they already have in their pantry or freezer to waste less food and save a whole lot of money.